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IRR/TV's Ministry in Different Countries
vehemmistoThe continued focus of IRR/TV has been Russia, the CIS states and the over 100 forgotten people groups of the former Soviet Union. Through a network of TV stations the potential viewing audience in Russia and the CIS is 60 million per week.

IRR/TV has offices and staff in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, and representation in Minsk, Volgograd, Ufa, the Murmansk area. IRR/TV's North American offices are in Vancouver and Minneapolis.

IRR/TV broadcasts into China through Pearl-TV. These programs are seen throughout Hong Kong, Macao and the southern areas of mainland China.

IRR/TV broadcasts to Middle Eastern countries on ME/TV and SAT-7.

IRR/TV recently finished producing a 52 part TV series in the Farsi language. Today, 90 million people speak Farsi.

IRR/TV works closely with indigenous workers of Russia and Asia representing 20 of the over 100 peoples practically forgotten by the outside world. IRR/TV has also produced programs in sign language for Russia's over 10 million hearing-impaired viewers.

Russia is Closing Down!

Do You Remember This Prophecy?


Wilkerson’s Warning in 2001

In August 2001 David Wilkerson paused during his sermon and, with uncontrollable sobbing, warned Russian pastors with these words: “A time is coming…there won’t be many meetings like this anymore…so God has to do it now…Did you hear what I prophesied…do you understand? There won’t be many more meetings like this…I know it.”

After the fall of communism in 1990 this type of prophecy didn’t seem too likely to ever happen. There were no signals of any kind that Christians would soon face severe restrictions. Many thought and said that there is no way they would return to the old Soviet style of rule. But it has happened. This prophetic word is coming to pass before our eyes.

The New Reality

The Church in Russia is now faced with a bleak new era. The signs are evident, Russia is threatening to close down religious freedom once again. What does it mean for a country when the Gospel message is forbidden and banned? By forbidding their people to hear the Gospel, Russia is throwing out their only chance for spiritual healing. Atheism is akin to an immune deficiency, opening the door to a myriad of diseases. The Gospel is the cure-all medicine for every spiritual disease.




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