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Russia Closing the Door on Missions?

tanks What is happening in Russia? This question deeply worries both Russia’s Churches and mission organizations alike. Recent events suggest an organized campaign to halt all evangelistic activity in Russia. Contrary to the hopes of millions of Russian Christians and the international community Russia is reverting back to tactics once practiced by the Soviet Union. In August 2001 David Wilkerson warned that Churches in Russia would face hard times and that restrictions were on the way. This prophecy is becoming reality.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union churches in Russia were allowed to hold outdoor meetings, use stadiums, movie theatres and other public buildings for their evangelistic purposes. Schools, hospitals and prisons were open. It was possible to hold religious services for those in the military. Christian publishers sprouted up across Russia. State TV and radio were open to quality Christian programming.

After 70 years of oppression Russia breathed freely. The suffering was over for Christians in Russia. It was hoped that difficult times were history.

Today public opinion is being carefully manipulated against the non-Orthodox community. Churches have been have been denied access to major state television and radio media. A massive slander campaign has been mounted in the mainstream press against protestant Christians. Believers are not allowed to comment or refute these accusations.

Churches are being been denied access to public buildings and government facilities for worship. Protestants are being denied participation in social life, including administration of humanitarian aid. Churches can no longer minister in schools, hospitals or the military. Leasing of stadiums for large public events is impossible.

Though the situation continues to deteriorate all is not lost yet. IRR/TV continues to support outreach in Russia through the mega city campaigns that are tied closely to the local church in Russia. We can still act and we must move as fast as possible. Call or write IRR/TV for your free monthly Russia & Asia Report to learn more.

Russia—a Huge Challenge

From its inception, IRR/TV's main focus has been on Russia, the CIS countries and the former Soviet Union. From 1980 Hannu and Laura Haukka have pioneered the Russian radio and television ministries of IRR/TV.

Together with the ACB of Russia, IRR/TV conducts an annual national missions conference focusing on media to train, equip, envision, and vitalize the faith of media ministers across Russia and the CIS.

IRR/TV has founded a Christian school of broadcast where students are trained in the skills of Radio and Television—see media school.

New Strategy
Today a new strategy for proclaiming the gospel has evolved. IRR/TV is actively engaged in reaching Russia ’s largest cities in a way never before seen in Russia. The “Mega-City Campaign” program is an effort requiring the full cooperation of all evangelical churches in each city.

Mega-City Campaigns in a Nutshell:

  • hundreds of volunteer workers from most local churches of various denominations

  • daily radio broadcasts

  • live TV at prime-time in evenings

  • giant billboards

  • ads on the sides of city buses

  • ads in largest daily newspapers

  • tens of thousands of “Power To Change” campaign books distributed in each city. The book is a tailor-made testimonial to changed lives. Included are the first steps of salvation.

  • call-center operating 24/7 receives thousands of telephone calls from TV viewers

  • local press picks up story and headlines it often

  • a special Experience The Power To Change website is created for internet surfers

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