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The Forgotten Peoples of Russia

Russia's forgotten people Spreading across 11 time zones and making up one seventh of the earth's land surface Russia and the CIS states embrace over 127 forgotten races or nations today. The western world knows little about them.

These nations profess three world religions: Chistianity, Islam, Buddhism. Additionally these nations belong to six ethno-linguistic groups: ALTAIC group: Mongolian, Turkic; CAUCASUS group: Dagestani, North Caucasus; ESKIMO-ALEUT group: Aleut, Eskimo; INDO-EUROPEAN group: Slavic, Baltic, Iranian, Romance; URALIC group: Finno-Ugric, Samoyed; Paleo-Siberian.

Together with indigenous believers IRR/TV has produced first ever evangelistic TV programs in the languages of these forgotten and mostly unreached peoples.

Many of the little known of the former Soviet Union have never heard the Gospel in their tongue. IRR/TV has produced and provided television programs into the following languages: Avar, Adygei, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bashkir, Burjat, Chuvash, Chukchi, Georgian, Kazakh, Komi, Kumyk, Lak, Lezgin, Mari, Mordvin, Tatar, Tuvin, Tabasaran, Udmurt, Yakut, sign language.

Russia's forgotten peopleOver 140 programs have been translated into sign language for the 10 million hearing-impaired of the former Soviet Union. Many congregations have turned to IRR/TV for material for this silent nation. You may adopt a people group!

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