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City Evangelistic Campaigns in Russia

Reaching the MEGA Cities of Russia

Cities Full
Kiev     2007 YES
Voronezh 2006 YES  
Almaty  2006 YES  
Samara 2006 YES  
Archangel  2005 YES  
Ufa 2004 YES  
Volgograd 2003 testimonies  

It’s all about the Great Commission.
To date IRR/TV has directed dozens of highly intensive evangelistic campaigns at Russia’s megacities, Ukraine and even Israel, using media.

The mega-city campaigns have brought the Gospel message to millions of people primarily by television, radio, newspapers, billboards, city-wide mailings.

By television and radio, seen and heard in other cities, we have presented the baptismGospel to over 55 million people. Through the campaigns so far hundreds of thousands of high quality missions booklets have been given out to people searching for the power to change their life. The booklet details the way of salvation, including the first steps of the one’s journey of faith. The book is tailor-made for each city and consists of the best life-changing testimonies from each city.

IRR/TV Russian Ministry The call centers have logged over tens of thousands of phone calls.

In addition the best stories of changed lives have been published in newspapers with editions numbering several million copies. Pastors report growth in churches from city to city.
Special Report Samara (pdf, 1.6 MB)

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Kiev - Mega city campaign begins November 1st

IRR/TV Russian MinistryThe word has spread outside of Russia to neighboring independent countries that used to be part of the Soviet Union.

The mega city campaign was a joint outreach with almost 100 churches in Kiev. This is a fine example of “faith on the move”...

Full Report on Kiev

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Kazakhstan - the city of Almaty – Historic campaign reaches over 12 million

IRR/TV Russian MinistryInternational Russian Radio/TV led an historic mega city campaign in the Islamic Central Asian city of Almaty in February/ March of 2006 together with 100 local churches. For seven weeks straight IRR/TV telecast 72 evangelistic programs on 2 secular TV channels prime time every night to over 12 million viewers throughout Kazakhstan...

Full Report on Almaty (pdf, 1.5 MB)

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Voronezh – Record crowds turn out to see Jesus Film!

IRR/TV Russian Ministry Voronezh is a mega city in Southern Russia with a population of 1.1 million people. It is the fifth in a series of large cities to be successfully reached through previously unseen massive evangelistic events powered by mainline secular media...

Full Report on Voronezh

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Arkhangelsk "Archangel" – Power To Change underway! 

IRR/TV Russian MinistryUndoubtedly the most significant evangelistic event to ever take place in northern Russia...

Full Report on Archangel

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Volgograd – 50,000 decisions for Christ!

IRR/TV Russian Ministry Volgograd - A major city in southern Russia, formerly known as Stalingrad. 50,000 people reportedly made their personal decision to receive Christ...

The campaign changed the atmosphere of the entire city and touched the lives of one million residents as never before...Lives were transformed. See "testimonies". Over 110,000 personal contacts were established...

Feed back and Testimonies from Volgograd

More stories: Ministry to 300 boys in a children's prison camp.

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Ufa – Over 800,000 people reached! 2004

IRR/TV Russian Ministry 1 million of the city's residents were targeted with the simple message "God gives you the power to change!" All available media were harnessed to simultaeously proclaim this message over a one month period. Thousands called the campaign hotline for counselling. Many made a life changing decision for Christ...More Stories Mission Ufa

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Petrozavodsk – "Power To Change" shakes city

IRR/TV Russian MinistryAs the massive media campaign unfolded "The mood in the city changed overnight" commented a daily paper in the city...

Read the full Report: Petrozavodsk Report 


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